About Us

Hey there, I’m Sandra. I'm a mom, health coach and proud owner of Grey Boxer.

My shop is a curated selection of badassery. What's that, you ask? To me, badass means less toxic, better for the environment, from small businesses, small batch, less waste, unique, minimalistic and made with quality materials. My goal is to bring you a collection of beautiful things that will bring you joy as well as serve as great gifts.

I believe quality ALWAYS wins. When you invest in quality pieces, they last for years (or life) and that's just plain awesome.

Grey Boxer refers to my sweet 13-year-old rescue pup, Mia, who we had to say goodbye to in July 2022. 1% of profits will be donated to Boxer Rescue. 

Thanks so much for being here and supporting a small business, it means more than you know.

Please reach out with any questions; I read every email, comment and review. Thank you!

Much love,

Sandra & the Grey Boxer team :)